AW-Lake Company

AW-Lake believes in making Flow Measurement and Control easy. AW-Lake offers a wide selection of Flow Metering Technologies – Coriolis, Gear, Turbine, Variable Area, and Paddle Wheel – so we can match the right technology to your applications. We only sell instrumentation manufactured inhouse or by one of our Sister Companies so we can maintain the highest quality and design control to assure accuracy and long life for our products. Measuring the flow accurately is the 1st step, getting you the data is next. Our sensors offer the output you want – Frequency, Analog, Voltage, Modbus, or HART – and we make set-up and trouble-shooting easy through the use of PC and mobile apps. Our Transmitters, Displays and Controllers make AW-Lake a one-stop-shop for Industrial Flow Measurement, including Batch Control and Ratio Monitoring, assuring everything works well together.